Hejnová before osmistovkou: I’m afraid it will hurt

The absence of their discipline at European Championships in Prague hall solved athlete Zuzana Hejnová experiment and enrolled in the 800 meters. This discipline knows well from his vícebojařských times in Prague and will try to get to the finals.

Have you feel nervous?
“Light is more nervousness of the unknown that I run something I have never taken. Quite I am looking forward to it. I am doing well. I suggest that training. I ran a test at six hundred meters and one I ran two seconds faster than in the race.They are good indicators, I believe that I am able to run well. “

you fancy tactics?
” I think it’s just about the runout. I was terribly unaddressed. He advised me must Vedra coach, who with a great experience. Even Kuba Holuša I have anything to say. I will rather try to keep their advice and see during the race. “

What do you of the clear advice?
” I’d like to keep in the forefront, I did not so much work at the end, and then it should be missed. Certainly not hold at the end of the field.I believe that the beginning for me will be much easier than půlkařky, and that with them into goals can keep. “

So it will be like when the January test šestistovce where you started too slowly?
“I had a lot of manpower. Now I know that if it starts like in Linz (Hejnová there for half met the limit), or faster, so I was able to keep it until the end. “

Your personal best is 2:03 from Linz 60 minutes on what time you believe in O2 arena?
“I believe that I am able to download two seconds. There šestistovku I practice ran two seconds faster than in the race. And I think that’s reflected in osmistovky.Coach thinks I’m able to run faster, but I’m a little down. But two seconds a personal best I am able to handle it and it would be enough even for the finals. “

Half is a fairly harsh discipline, will it hurt?
” I it will hurt. For this I am most afraid osmistovka really hurts. The pain is different, is not so intense. On the quarter carcase is short but intense. Here it takes the last one hundred and fifty meters, but it’s such a pain at once. “

Have you wondered how you can do any combination of the final half and čtvrtkařské relay that will threaten Sunday night?
“it scares me a lot, but I can not think about it.I have to go gradually and see what power is left to me to relay. They are there two hours, so it’s not so bad. If you are into the finals get, it will be a massacre. It’s nothing to do. I believe it’ll manage that trained enough have. “

What chances do you see for the Czech relay, which advocates bronze from the last Championships in Gothenburg? ‘” I think it will be enough similar to two years ago that it will fight to the last meter. But I think we can fight for some of the medals. “