Limit of seventeen years old Gross? Maybe the world record

She is seventeen, and her third grammar school is waiting for her. But the height of Michael Hrubá is by no means an ordinary high school student. The sovereign gold of the 17th World Championship in Cali is another proof of great talent. Her coach Ctibor failed to believe that Hrubá will skip two meters a year. And she can see her choices in the heights of the world record.

The golden medal of Michael Hrubá won, but the Czech anthem had to sing the Czech team on the stand at the Pedra Grajalese stadium in Colombian Cali. “It may have been much more enjoyable than if it were playing from the speaker. We were leaving the steps and they began singing.It was a beautiful surprise, we did not expect it, but we enjoyed it more, “Smutschy smiles.

The hockey competition at the Junior World Championship was a Czech triumph. The anthem was celebrating the bronze medal of Lady Pejchal and the gold, which Hrubá made with a massive eight-centimeter lead. Last year’s junior viceministress of the world won 190 centimeters and regretted that it was only four centimeters higher, at the Olympic limit, the bar fell.

“I hoped to jump to the Olympics, unfortunately, So I believe it will succeed in other races, “says Hrubá.

Such a talent might not have been Czech height.The experienced coach Ctibor unsuccessful, for example, Šárka Kašpárková or Zuzana Hlavoňová, has not kept his treasure yet. A year ago, Hrubá was able to start at the Senior European Championships in Zurich, instead of going to Chinese Nankingk for the Youth Olympics. And this year will not be pursuing the limit for the world championship of adults. But it will be different in a year, the Olympics are taking place in Rio de Janeiro.

“Of course, the Olympics is a huge attraction. I have a project ready, few athletes in the Republic will have conditions such as Míša.For the winter we have a half-year house in Africa, “he boasts failed. “I believe we will meet the Olympic Games limit to 99 percent, of course, when it’s healthy. The potential for improvement is unreal. I think I can attack two meters next year. “

Two meters? Only national record holder Zuzana Hlavoňová has surpassed this height in Czech history. What’s more, this year there were only three highs in the world so high.

“The height is undergoing renovation, most of the competitors are over thirty, the youngsters are few.Those two meters would be definitely in the fourth place at the Olympics, perhaps even at the medal, “he believes. He has failed.

Gross has the ideal parameters with 188 centimeters high, physically adolescent, and the technique is unique. >

“She has a similar potential as well as a technique like Russia Čičerová. But Misa is close to male technique.It’s unreal what she can do at the end, I have not seen any women, “he says. “Zuzka Hlavoňová has jumped two meters, and when I compare Zuzka and Misa, there is a minimum of ten centimeters difference.” Transferred to numbers Failed says the Gross Potential has to jump 210 centimeters, which is an inch World record of Bulgarian Stefka Kostadinova from 1987.

“It is my goal and hers. I believe he is able to jump. She is the type of Stefka Kostadinova or Bergqvist.I do not see a single reason why he should not get there, “he says.” But the smiling blonde is waiting for the next year to fight for another medal at the junior world championship, apparently the first senior start at the European Championship in Zurich. And then perhaps the Olympics will come.

“I have to save the forces for the next year, it will be strenuous. I will have three top events if I get to them, “says Gross.