SUPER Stockholm. Both Hájna and Špotáková shone, Holuša has a Czech record

After nearly 32 years, the Czech record tables in the 1500 meters have changed today in Stockholm. Jakub Holuša, who took the second place at the Diamond Championship meeting at 3: 34,26, took care of this. The 26-year-old Holuša has improved his own personal record for just one second, from the best time of Jan Kubista he took 61 hundredths. A powerful finisher, the European champion, as well as in the winter at the Prague championship, defeated the Turkish Ilhama Özbilen and lost only to world champion Ayanleh Souleiman of Djibouti (3: 33,33).

“Super feeling, so I do athletics .This summer record overcame all of my halls. I appreciate it most, “said Holuša on facebook Top Athletics.” The race was perfectly tactical. “I was running cautiously, holding my position on the inner edge of the track. It was the third race during the week, but the strength came in the last round and I got scalps of good runners. I believe that even at the World Championships in Beijing I have three runs, so I tried it, “said Holuša with prospects for the Beijing championship.

Hejna celebrates HATTRICK

Hejna won third The Diamond League race for 400 meters of obstacles behind.After the triumphs in Paris and London, this time she did not score 54 seconds, just enough time for her 54.37.

She also took the lead in the discipline. After the last meeting in front of the World Championship, two points ahead of Jamajčanka, Kaliese Spencer, scored the three winning streak before Hejna and did not start in Sweden. Another winner was this year’s discipline in the series and it is only on September 3rd, the race at the first final meeting in Zurich.

The eighty-year-old Czech world champion defeated Stockholm in five hundred Sarah Petersen from Denmark, Hardly resist the target line.The third was Cassandra Tate of the USA with a half-second loss to Hejna.

“It was a winning race, a challenging race, and I feel tired and need a bit of training towards the world championship. But this is a lot of effort and a better time, but I take it as an experience and I watch the world championship, “said Hejna.

This year’s record of the Czech record holder remained 53,76 in Paris, The hundreds are second in the tables behind American Shamier Little.In London, Hejnová got one hundredth under 54 seconds.

Spotáková has shifted its maximum this year

Spottak won this second time and made a taste for the crush of a single centimeter from the previous race in London. The second-place finish has shifted its maximum this year to 65.66. “I’m glad to have won at the Olympic stadium. Finally I feel that I’m really back and that it has the right dynamics,” she said. Spotáková.But she wanted better performance. “Unfortunately, he did not have a long throw today, but he could,” she said.

She also secured leadership in the discipline evaluation, and before the final race in Zurich she made four points in front of the South African Sunette Viljoen. “I’m glad to win because the Diamond League final is three days after the Beijing javelin finale, so every point is good, and I believe I have left a long feast for Beijing,” said the world record holder.

strong> 200 m (wind +0.3 m / s): 1. Edwards (Pan.) 20.04, 2. Jobodwana (JAR) 20.18, 3. Gulijev

400 m 1. Cedenio (Trin.) 44.97 2. Santos 45.21 3. Rooney , 41.

1500 m: 1.Souleiman (Djib.) 3: 33,33, 2. Holuša (Czech Republic) 3: 34,26 – Czech record, 3. Özbilen (Tur.) 3: 34,40. M. (-0.3): 1. Ortega (Cuba) 13.18, 2. Shubenkov (Rus) 13.22, 3. Oliver P> 3000 m: 1. Sigueni 8: 16,54, 2. Taleb (both Mar.) 8: 16,56, 3. HK Yego (Kenya) 8: 19,14.

Height: 1. Duffield (USA) 232, 2. M. Barshim (Qatar) ) 229.

Longitude: 1. Rutheford (Brit.) 834, 2. Dendy (USA) 809, 3. Mokoena (JAR) 787. > Disk: 1. Malachowski (Pol.) 65.95 2. Milanov (Belgium) 64.97, 3. Urbanek (Pol.) 63.25. 100 m (-0.2): 1. Fraser-Pryce (Jam) 10.93, 2. Bowie (USA) 11.05, 3. Morrison (Jam)

800 m: 1.1: 59,91; 2. Sharp (Brit.) 2: 00,29; 3. Martinez (USA) 2: 00,54.

3000 m: / strong> 1. Mackey (USA) 8: 52,99, 2. Plis (Pol) 8: 53,58, 3. Desalgena (SAE) 8: 53,75.

400 m: 1. Hejnová (Czech Republic) 54,37, 2. Petersenová (DEN) 54,42, 3. Tate (USA) 54,88.

Trojskok: 1 1. Silva (Brazil) 481, 2. Kiriakopulu (Greece) 476, 3. Murerová (Braz. Ibargüen (Col.) 14,69 2. Rypakova (Kaz.) 14,30 3. Williams (Jam) 14,22.



800 m: 1. Spitakova (Czech Republic) 65.66, 2. Viljoenová (JAR) 64.03, 3. Stahlová (Germany) Balla (Qatar) 1: 45.33, 2. Bube (DEN) 1: 45.78, 3.Rimmer 1: 45,97.


200m (+1.6): 1. Townsend (USA) 22.67 2. Kielbasin Pol.) 23.07, 3. Williams (Brit.) 23.09.

Height: 1. Skoogova (Swe.) 189, 2. Haas (Est.) 189, 3. Kinsey 183.

Longitude: 1. J. Vel’dakova (SR) 660, 2. Jarderova (Swe.) 655, 3. Stolzova (Germany)